Nov 06

BTC / USD Wave Count Update – November 5, 2017

I have not updated my Bitcoin Elliott Wave count since July and since then, price has moved rapidly upwards, suggesting that Primary Wave 3 (P3) is still unfolding to the upside. I’ve revised the Major and Minor wave labels for my Elliott Wave count on the daily chart, as shown in the screenshot below. This …

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Jul 21

BTC / USD Daily Wave Count Update – July 21, 2017

Bitcoin price looks to have found the bottom for [4] – P3. The triangle I proposed for the wave [4] correction in my last post turned into a double zig-zag that reached 1826, which is a 55% retrace of the [3] – P3. Refer to the updated daily chart for the new labels for this …

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Jun 28

BTC / USD Daily Wave Count Update – June 28, 2017

I currently have the count for Bitcoin in wave 4 – [3] – P3. The high at 3003 on Bitfinex marked the top for wave 3 – [3] – P3. Wave 3 did not disappoint, reaching a fib extension of 3.78 times the length of wave 1 – [3]. This surpassed my expectations, as you …

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May 08

BTC / USD Daily Wave Count Update – May 8, 2017

I felt it’s a good time to update my Elliott Wave count for the Bitcoin chart after the great run it’s had over the past two months. I’m sticking with charting Bitfinex price even though their price has diverged to a higher price compared to other exchanges. The exchanges are still moving up, along with …

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Feb 18

BTC / USD Daily Wave Count Update – February 18, 2017

BTC / USD Bitfinex Daily Chart

Please refer to the screenshot of the Bitfinex daily chart below to find my updated Elliott Wave count for the recent Bitcoin price movements.   I currently put bitcoin price in a wave 2 – [3] flat or expanded flat since the top for wave 1 – [3] that occurred in early February at the …

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Jun 13

BTC / USD Wave Count Update – June 12, 2016

By my count, Bitcoin price is currently rising in a Wave 3-[5]-P1 move higher. The 1.62 * Wave 1 extension of the move is at 739.94. I expect bitcoin price to hit some resistance around that area, shown by the first white circle. The new red trendlines are a parallel channels, with slope matching the …

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Feb 24

Bitcoin / USD Daily Wave Count Update – February 23rd, 2016

Bitcoin price has been difficult to chart during most of 2015, so I have not updated the count for quite some time. I took a look at the charts again and propose a bullish count for the bitcoin daily chart, seen below.   Most of 2015 was spent in a tight range between about 300 …

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Aug 11

Bitcoin / USD Hourly Wave Count – August 11th, 2014

Bitcoin price is still in a Minor 2 correction, as outlined in the hourly chart below. The price movement since the recent high at 658 has not been extremely impulsive to the downside, as I would expect for a (c) of Minor 2 move down as was proposed in the latest wave count on July …

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Jul 19

Bitcoin Price Commentary – July 19th, 2014

Hi Everyone, At this time, I am still waiting for Bitcoin price to make a decisive move in one way or the other. I wrote the following elsewhere on the web, so I decided to post it here for everyone else to see. Good trading!   From my post last night, I show through my …

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Jul 18

BTC Daily Squeeze – July 18th, 2014

Another daily squeeze has formed on the daily chart for Bitcoin. The last one did not follow through with its move. Let’s see what it has in store this time. The squeeze triggers once the yellow Bollinger Bands move outside of the dark blue Keltner Channel. So, we are in waiting mode right now. After …

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