Silver Elliott Wave Count – Monthly – 1915 to Present

Hello All,

The long awaited Elliott Wave count for silver is below. In order to chart the whole timeframe from 1915 to now, I was able to acquire Monthly historical data, adjusted for inflation. In order to chart it over this long timeframe, I used a Logrithmic scale, which makes the price at the lower price scales equivalent in length to the higher level price movements, if that makes sense. Analysis of that data has lead to my simple Super Cycle Elliott Wave count below. Enjoy!

I believe that Silver is currently in a wave 3 (P3-C3) up and is coiling in price and time (nested 1-2, 1-2 waves on the right of the chart) before P3-C3 continues upward.

If you have questions, you can reach me on my X account, linked in the top left of my website.

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